Thursday, September 20, 2012

Code for the Day: A Day at the Spa 8E0KX1Z

The last few weeks have been more than the usual crazy.  I knew going into September that I was going to have to take every rare opportunity I found for a little relaxation.  Since August, I have spent more weekend nights away than at home and while most of my trips have been for fun and not work, I am a person who relishes a routine schedule and values downtime - probably like a lot of coders out there.

My September travels began with a trip to North Carolina for a wedding followed closely by a work trip to Kansas City for training.  The whole time I had my eyes open, considering ideas for my blog and looking for inspiration in the normally mundane daily grind.  I have a few ideas that will take more thought before putting to paper - er, PC - so stay tuned.  But it was something quite literal that inspired today's code for the day: a heavenly day spent at the spa with coworkers.

I know what you're thinking. A relaxing day at the spa with coworkers is an oxymoron.  Well, you haven't met my coworkers!  We spent a nice Sunday morning at the spa and I do believe the topic of work came up only once and very briefly before we moved on to more important topics, such as, admiring each others' nail color and inquiring about the various facials, wraps, and massages we all received.

Oh, the massage.  Actually, after a busy week of lugging heavy suitcases and flying across the country and back and then back to the midwest and back again had left my feet as sore as my shoulders.  I was pretty much a goner after the pedicure, but I subjected myself to a hot stone massage anyway and I remember wondering afterward if there was a code for feeling like jello, because it's been awhile since I've felt that complete relaxation.  In fact, I did something I pretty much never get to do that afternoon: I took a nap!

My attempts at locating a jello code were not fruitful, so I went with the more obvious and here it is - the code for the day:
  • 8E0KX1Z, Therapeutic massage
This code is found in ICD-10-PCS in one of the sections we trainers like to call the "stuff in the back of the book."  Most of the stuff in the back of the book includes codes we aren't likely to code and provide evidence that at one time, there were plans for PCS to replace CPT (this is not happening - I repeat, CPT is not going away!).  But I like this code and it was so appropriate for my weekend.

On a side note, I am not crazy about advertising on my blog, but I have to give mention to this amazing spa.  If you ever find yourself in Denver and need a little pampering, the folks at Woodhouse Day Spa will take great care of you.  This particular location at 17th and Ogden is located in the historic Merritt House.  There's just something about relaxing in this Victorian setting that makes it seem extra special!