Thursday, September 5, 2013

How I Spent My Summer, by the Coder Coach (Y93.E6)

I really don't care if I ever see another cardboard box as long as I live.  After a summer of botched real estate closings and not one, but - count them - two moves spaced two weeks apart (complete with my office and two cats), I think I've arrived in my new home with everything except for potentially my sanity. 

I'm not sure which was more foolish - deciding to move the summer before we enter the home stretch of the last year before ICD-10 implementation or deciding to plan a wedding that will occur just a couple of weeks before ICD-10 implementation.  Just for good measure, I decided to do both.  The comforting thing is, ICD-10 is still there waiting for me even after the dust has settled from all of those cardboard boxes and I never did lose sight of my ICD-10 codebooks during the move - er moves.  In fact, my training calendar is booking up fast between now and September of next year!

I was pretty excited to find that there was indeed an ICD-10 code to describe how I spent my summer:

  • Y93.E6, Activity, residential relocation
This code includes packing up and unpacking involved in moving to a new residence.  I wish there was a code for hernia acquired by moving boxes of code books.  I swear those things multiply like rabbits.  And for the record, I have informed my fianc√© that we are never moving.  Ever. Again.